The DZ GS-D flute is one of our most popular handmade flutes, and no wonder! Made out of 9k gold bonded silver, this beautiful instrument has all the beauty and elegance of a gold flute. With our 10k gold riser in headjoint, personally hand cut by Di Zhao, the GS-D also has that sweet dark and rich sound of a gold headjoint, while also retaining much of the clear resonance of a silver headjoint. The GS-D has drawn tone holes and a full sterling silver mechanism, which makes it lighter and more versatile than a fully gold flute.

In many ways the DZ GS-D flute is the perfect marriage of gold and silver, retaining the positive qualities of both materials while being a fraction of the price of a full-gold instrument!

Many people ask what the difference is between a gold bonded flute and a gold-plated flute. A gold bonded flute. Gold plating is when a very thin layer of gold is electroplated on top of the base layer. Gold bonded on the other hand, is when a thicker layer of gold is fused on top of silver using extremely high temperatures and pressure, creating a much stronger and durable bond. The gold portion of the instrument will never chip or fall off like with gold plating, and due to the thickness of the material, can even withstand some light buffing if scratches appear.. In every aspect, whether it be appearance, durability, or value, a gold bonded instrument is superior to a gold plated one.

model pictured: DZ G-SD BEF C# D#

DZ GS-D 9K Gold-clad Silver Body, Silver keys, 10K gold riser
DZ GS-D BOF $11,799.00
C# trill for silver flutes $400.00
D# Roller for silver flutes $150.00
Split E mechanism for silver flutes $280.00
14k gold riser $650.00
Hand-engraved lip plate $350.00