Since its introduction, the D-SP series has been an industry leader in terms of features for its price. This entry level handmade flute is the best choice on the market for the aspiring professional or dedicated student. Like other flutes in this range, the D-SP has an all silver body with silver plated keys, but unlike any of the competitors, it also features a sterling silver barrel, ribs, posts, and footjoint box. And new in 2024, a brand new upgraded pinless mechanism that greatly improves upon the old Brögger system. These industry leading features, paired with the renowned Di Zhao professional headjoint, handcut by Di Zhao himself, makes the D-SP the best value, best crafted, best sounding, and best looking entry-level handmade flute in the world. Reserve yours today and take your flute playing experience to the next level with the Di Zhao D-SP handmade flute!


Flute Specifications:

Open hole. B-foot. Offset G or Inline G. All Silver body, barrel, footjoint box, ribs and post. Silver-plated keys. 10k White Gold Springs. Drawn tone-hole. Silver pro-line headjoint. Improved pinless mechanism

*model pictured: DZ D-SP BEF C# D#* 


Option pricing:

DZ D-SP Silver body, silver plated keys
DZ D-SP BOF (default base model) B foot, Open hole, Offset G $4,799.00
DZ D-SPX B foot, Open hole, Offset G, 9k GS barrel + lip plate $5,799.00
C# trill $200.00
D# roller $120.00
Split E mechanism $150.00
Heavy Wall (.18 silver) $200.00
14k GS lip $520.00
10k gold riser $550.00
14k gold riser $650.00
14k gold lip $1,300.00
Machine-engraved lip plate $50.00
Hand-engraved lip plate $350.00