Rozalind MacPhail Featured Artist Announcement!

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce our first ever featured artist, Rozalind MacPhail! We had the great pleasure of meeting Rozalind at the 2022 Chicago Flute Convention and were instantly charmed by her infectious enthusiasm and passionate love for all things flute. When we finally listened to her play, her prodigious talent was immediately on display, and we knew that this partnership was something we absolutely had to pursue.

 “I fell in love with Di Zhao’s instruments the moment I tried them at The National Flute Association Convention in Chicago. These flutes sing to my soul. They are beautifully crafted with such care and precision. To be sponsored by a progressive company like Di Zhao Flutes is a dream come true. I am proud to stand behind a flute company who focuses on innovation and excellence”

                                                                                                                ~Rozalind MacPhail

Rozalind embodies all our most cherished values here at Di Zhao Flutes. She is a not only a brilliant performer, but also an inspiring educator and community speaker that spreads the joy of flute music everywhere she goes. With Rozalind, our goal to make flutes that can inspire and promote music around the world to the next generation has found the best possible ambassador.  We are excited to see what the future brings, and can’t wait to show the flute world all the amazing new ideas and projects we will be able to produce together!

More about the artist:

Ms. MacPhail is an award-winning songwriter, looping-flutologist, touring artist, film composer and inspirational speaker who explores new ways of combining image, inspiration and sound in audio-visual works that speak honestly of people, place and the human experience. She has received multiple honours and awards including an East Coast Music Award for Electronic Recording of the Year and MusicNL‘s Female Artist of the Year. She’s recorded 12 albums, written and recorded music for film and performed and toured internationally over the last two decades.

Rozalind will be playing the DZ-B bass flute, DZ-A 100 alto flute, and DZP 301 rosewood piccolo in all her future engagements and albums. Please check out more of her wonderous work here

Rozalind performing live at TEDX St. Johns!

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