Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season?

At Di Zhao Flutes, we have the perfect gift for the special flutist in your life no matter where they are in their musical journey. From beginner flutes for young children all the way to beautifully crafted handmade flutes for the professional artist, check out our full selection of instruments here!

Are you a beginning flutist just starting on your musical journey, or are you shopping for your young child about to start their first band class? Check out our beginner student flutes. Our MINIDI is perfect for the youngest children who can’t yet handle a full length flute, especially those who are starting with the Suzuki Method.


Or if you’re looking for something that will see a flutist through the first formative years, the DZ 301 (with optional curved headjoint addition) would be a perfect fit. Start your flutist off on the best possible foot with our renowned headjoint that features a sterling silver lip and riser. This will help your flutist find their best sound right away, which will encourage their interest and help them build confidence as they continue to improve.


Perhaps you need a flute for a more experienced flutist looking to take the next step in their musical development? Our great selection of step-up and pre-professional flutes, ranging from the DZ 401 to the DZ 801 will have all the features you need at the budget you want. A full sterling silver headjoint will go a long way towards improving the flute’s sound, and for those looking for even more, our DZ 801 flutes have all the features, sound quality, and craftsmanship of a professional handmade flute. With the options of adding gold riser headjoints or gold lip plates, our DZ 801 series will give you the professional handmade experience at a fraction of the standard cost.





DZ801 BEF C# D#

For the professional flutist, we know all about how important it is to choose the right instrument that will bring out all your artistry and talent. In many ways, our handmade flutes are the culmination of all that we have been working towards since the foundation of our company, and these flutes represent the peak of our own artistry and craftsmanship. Made by professional flutists for the next generation of virtuosos, come unlock your musical potential with a Di Zhao Handmade today.

DZ 14k Gold Handmade Flute

The flute is such a versatile instrument and there is a specialized flute for every occasion. Our grand collection of piccolos, altos, basses, and wooden flutes reflects this; at Di Zhao Flutes we want to have the perfect instrument for all occasions. Are you looking for a marching band companion instrument, or do you need something with more sophistication for orchestral pieces? You’ll find what you need in our extremely popular selection of piccolos. Or perhaps you need a specialized flute for your wind ensemble, flute choir, or jazz group? Our altos, basses, and wood flutes have the range you need, and have custom specifications that can fit all budgets.

DZP 201 & DZP 301



Looking for a small gift for your talented musician? We have a lovely selection of handmade jewelry and accessories that will brighten up their day and add a stylish musical flair to their wardrobe’s decoration.



Whether you are shopping for yourself, a loved one, or you are just getting ideas for a future purchase, thank you for considering our flutes. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, filled with happiness and music!