We’ve gotten a lot of feedback over the years from you all about how to improve our crutches, and longtime players of our flutes should know that we’ve been through quite a few iterations as we try to find an option that fits everyone!

So it is with great pleasure and excitement that we can finally announce our new bass flute crutch that is sure to be the perfect solution! We have partnered with WOODIFY, who custom designed this beautiful bass flute crutch to specifically fit our bass flutes, and could not be happier with the results.

Featuring a smooth, comfortable exterior, a classy wood finish, and even a small carrying bag, this crutch perfectly fits the body of the bass flute without interfering with any keys, while also providing the perfect support for your left hand. As an added bonus, the crutch height is adjustable via an included extension! These new crutches will be shipping out with our new bass flutes as soon as this month. For more information, please check: New bass flute rest in collaboration with DiZhao – Woodify (