Di Zhao Flutes was founded in 2006 with the goal of producing the world’s finest student flutes. After two decades in the music industry, he saw a need to improve both the quality of student models and make them easily accessible to young musicians around the world. To provide a top-quality instrument for young musicians is to secure the future of music; these words have become the company’s guiding principle across all endeavors.
Young musicians represent the future of our industry; we owe it to them to give them the best musical experience in their instruments.
~Di Zhao

By combining the craftsmanship and tradition of Boston’s finest flute makers with the modern day production techniques of the world’s leading instrument factories, Di Zhao flutes developed our now- renowned “handmade” student flutes. These instruments have helped fulfill the musical ambitions and nurture the passions of thousands of young flutists around the world.

Since our founding, Di Zhao Flutes has shaken up the flute industry and is recognized as one of its fastest rising stars. While still firmly adhering to the original philosophy, we have used our expertise to branch out to all aspects of flute making. As of now, we are also currently producing top quality student alto flutes, bass flutes, and piccolos. In addition, we have a selection of custom handmade flutes and headjoints for the more advanced musician. Whatever your needs, Di Zhao Flutes is always ready to deliver the best musical experience possible. Come experience it for yourself, and try a Di Zhao flute today!