Project Description

DZ 401 Series


This beginner step-up flute has all the functionality of the now “standard” B-foot flute with open holes while remaining easily affordable. The unique silver riser headjoint gives students the vivid tone quality of an advanced musician playing on more expensive solid sterling silver headjoints. This flute can be used as a step-up flute but retains its value and playability all throughout high school as a regular band instrument as well!
General specs:
•    All silver plated
•    Silver riser headjoint
•    B foot joint
•    Open hole
•    Y-arms
•    Inline or offset G
•    Split E mechanism
Available models (base):
DZ 401 BOF: B-foot, Offset G, Open-hole, Y-arms, all silver plated with silver riser headjoint
DZ 401 BGF: B-foot, Inline G, Open-hole, Y-arms, all silver-plated with silver riser headjoint
DZ 401 BEF: B-foot, Offset G, Split-E Mechanism, Y-arms, Open-hole, all silver plated with silver riser headjoint


DZ 401 BOF


DZ 401 BEF