DZ 600 & 700 Series (International: 701-801)

These advanced student flutes are manufactured with the quality and care of a professional handmade flute, and are customizable to fit all kinds of use. Whether it be for the advanced high school student trying to maximize their potential or a serious college student looking at making music their career, these flutes have something for everyone. Featuring an all silver body and headjoint, these flutes are built to last throughout a student’s music career. Available for the 700 flutes are the C# trill and D# roller mechanisms.

DZ 400 & 500 Series (International: 501-601)

These intermediate/step up flutes are perfect for committed students looking to continue their flute education. It features a solid sterling silver headjoint which will help solidify and enhance the developing student’s tone quality as they look to play more advanced pieces. Also, more customization is available starting at this level, including pointed or y arms, and our new custom headjoints! These flutes are highly recommended for students who are serious about pursuing their flute studies and want a highly versatile, great sounding, and easy playing flute to help them develop!

DZ 300 Series (International: 401)

This beginner step-up flute has all the functionality of the now “standard” B-foot flute with open holes while remaining easily affordable. The unique silver riser headjoint gives students the vivid tone quality of an advanced musician playing on more expensive solid sterling silver headjoints. This flute can be used as a step-up flute but retains its value and playability all throughout high school as a regular band instrument as well!

DZ 200 Series (International: 301)

This introductory model marks a student’s first step to flute ownership! The affordability of this C foot flute makes it an ideal entry for students taking their first steps into concert band or orchestra.   Beginner students love how our unique silver riser headjoint gives them the tone quality of an advanced musician playing on solid silver headjoints.

General specs:
•    All silver plated
•    Silver riser headjoint
•    C foot joint
•    Y-arms   

DZ 100 Debut Series

This rental flute is perfect for any band program. The solid and durable craftsmanship gives it the longevity to be used rental after rental. Its innate Di Zhao quality gives it the brilliant and clear sound that makes our flutes stand out against the competition! It allows prospective students to explore their interest in flute without having to make that big financial commitment. Ask us for special financing deals attached with this model!